Day 19 — June 9

 It was a perfect day.  Solid gray, rainy, and cool at under 70 degrees.

Perfect I tell you!  Well, maybe only if you were me, who spent a good deal of time baking, doing laundry and. . .


See, I’m the point-person for crafts this year at VBS.  And the number one thing I’ve learned  in my years of working with kids and directed crafts is that it helps if the leader has tried it out first.

Enter my guinea pigs children.

Because, another thing I’ve learned is that while an adult may think a particular craft is spectacular — kids have a different viewpoint.

So, I mentioned doing this with the boys yesterday and they were completely onboard with the idea.  I even explained to them that the point was to discover which things would not work, and why.

And with these objectives in mind, we got started.

The first craft went incredibly well, and the boys even suggested some terribly easy improvements to make it more fun.

Good deal.

The second craft, that they were terribly excited for, had mixed reviews.  And that all had to do with supplies.  The supply list was somewhat vague, calling for “cardboard”.  What kind of craft person would just say “cardboard”?

Thus it was that I had two sorts to choose from, “corrugated” and “flat”.  Each boy took one type, and I explained that I suspected the “flat” would not work.

Poor Garrett was in tears rather quickly.  I thanked him profusely for discovering the issue, so that I wouldn’t bring such shoddy supplies to class which would cause oodles of kids to be in tears.  He came together in the end when he thought about keeping all those other kids from the pain and agony of his misfortune.

Let’s see, the third craft. . .

Oooh, that one was a doozy.  We were modifying all sorts on that one.  And, as we worked we made many more modifications, in the end coming up with something altogether different, but that the kids just loved.

Not bad, not bad at all.

The day 4 craft, we just didn’t like.  All of the choices seemed kooky / corny.  That one is still up in the air.

The day 5 craft I did on my own.  (This one was a bit expensive, so only one sample.)  I can say for sure though, that the kids can’t wait to do that one.

All in all a very productive day!  (Especially if you consider the caramel rolls and reuben loaf that everyone partook in too.)

My evening was spent at the church.  Something I’m guessing most people don’t think about, but the craft person has to check supplies.  Apparently, past craft people have just gone out and bought new supplies for each craft. . .and new glue each time. . .and new such-and-such.

So, I went through the supply closets, with the help of Lit’l Bit.  Scattered throughout the closets we found about 40 bottles of glue, 15 of which were unusable.  We found, again scattered throughout, probably 20 pounds of stringing beads (found a box to put them all in).  We found odds and ends galore. . .

The result of which is “the list” that I gave to the VBS buyer which was nice and short.  She was thrilled!

When I arrived back home I was informed that the boys had gone outside to play with friends and then went scootering.  I think they really needed that after being cooped up all day.  And I’m sure Jay, the gimp, appreciated it too.

Subject * Notes
English  *  reading
Social Studies+    
The “Arts”  *  crafts
PE  *  scooter
Socialization  *  played with friend
Life Skills    

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