Day 21 — June 11


We finally finished our world history.  I don’t know why the book ends in the early 1800s, but that’s the way of it I suppose.

Jay has decided he wants to help with school.

People, this is frightening!

However, the man needs things to do, and as he’s not willing to help me with all my other projects I’ll just have to let him help out here.

Right now, he’s doing reading with them, and never the first day with their main curriculum.  (My excuse for that, is that I need to know what is being read for their main curriculum.)

Another two lessons were done in math.  Had the brilliant idea to start an hour before lunch time, and told them they wouldn’t eat till after they were done.  They finished in 20 minutes.  (Mikhail had taken over an hour yesterday just gaffing off.)

Jay took the kids to the pool and said they spent half the time in the pool and half playing basketball.  That means the water is still cold.

My brain is feeling fuzzy from some work I had to do today (too mental), so I’m just going to leave it here.

Subject * Notes
English * reading (with related worksheets)
Math * two lessons
Social Studies+ * related encyclopedia reading (final bit of Asian empires)
The “Arts”    
PE * swimming / basketball
Life Skills    


One comment on “Day 21 — June 11

  1. se7en says:

    Food is my constant carrot… I always start a big chunk of school before a meal – ii is incredible what can be achieved!!! An entire morning of language arts can be transformed into half an hour before lunch… and just lately we have been so busy but I refuse to put school on the back burner…. so they have finally been getting round to their books at about 4pm… no school, no supper – “Show me your completed books and you can eat…” I wish I had thought of this years ago. As for “help” the thought is terrifying… I wish you all the help in the world!!!

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