Day 22 — June 12

A Saturday.

The boys did another two lessons in math today.  Mikhail is having problems with place value.  For the life of him he can’t seem to remember which is the “one’s place” (let alone ten’s, or hundred’s).  So, I found a worksheet that we will work on tomorrow.

The boys read another book to Jay, and had some problems with it, so they will review reading tomorrow.

Tyler reminded me that I need to cut out his booklets for science.  That always takes an hour of my life.  Yes, I could have him do it, but it would be sloppy and the grief he would give me is more than worth the hour to avoid.  I like the booklets for him as it helps him take notes.  I am starting to wonder, though, if he would be able to pick out items that are worthy of note-taking himself

But his being forced to take notes is a good thing, because he deludes himself into thinking he doesn’t need to take notes, and promptly forgets everything.  Yet, by simply taking notes, it completely gets stuck in his noggin.

Mikhail and Garrett finished Ramona the Brave. (Jay read it to them.)

Tyler finished To Kill a Mockingbird.

And, I am going nuts . . .

Subject * Notes
English  *  reading
Math  *  two lessons
Science  *  Tyler — started module 10
Social Studies+    
The “Arts”    
PE  *  swimming
Socialization  *  boys were able to play with their friend Todd, at the pool.  And Tyler informed me that some pre-teen girls came over to the basketball court to keep him company.  He said it was a serious problem, as they didn’t know how to keep a conversation going, so he had to take the brunt of that job.
Life Skills    


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