Day 23 — June 13

So, we managed to make it to church.  I got off on a tangent during the sermon. Someone says something from the pulpit, and I just can’t bring my mind back to the message, and instead fixate on that one thing.  Does anyone else do this? Makes me feel horribly guilty in the end.

Anyway, we got back home with the boys absolutely famished.  Fed the herd and then made dinner.  Because the plan was to go spend the day at the pool with dinner there.

Except it started raining.  And then it stopped.  Then it started again.

So, the little guys did their review work (math and reading), and I finished dinner.

Garrett went off on a discussion of the bad manners of interrupting.  Apparently a little girl in his class didn’t know how to take turns speaking.  I’m glad he’s noticing it, because I personally feel it is a social grace that has been completely forsaken.

And, pulling out my soap box here, do you realize just how “loudly you scream” the sentiment of “I could care less about your, or your thoughts” when you simply interrupt someone?  I mean really!!!

*deep cleansing breath*

We finally made it to the pool and had a nice relaxing time there with friends.  Drew even joined us today.  The older boys had a lot of basketball games going on, and had a good time with that.  The younger two were back and forth between the basketball court and swimming.

On the way home the topic of smoking came up.  Both little ones claimed to know how.  According to Garrett, you light the cigarette and blow on it.  According to Mikhail, you light the cigarette and just wave your hand around.  Both said they wanted to try it, and when Drew and Tyler were laughing at their lack of know-how the little ones decided they could just read the instructions on the back of the pack.

At which point Jay brought up the Surgeon General’s Warning found on cigarette packs.

And from the back seat of the car I hear two little chests sucking in air, and then the question that was inevitable, “Then, why do people smoke Daddy?”

I know this topic will come up again.  And the second time round, the teaching lesson is different (although certainly there is a review of this lesson).  The second time round you start calculating the *costs* of cigarettes.

It has, thus far, been my experience that there is never a third time for this discussion.

Subject * Notes
English  *  reading review
Math  *  review (plus extra work with Mikhail on place value)
Social Studies+  *  Bible study
The “Arts”    
PE  *  basketball / swimming
Socialization  *  interrupting
Life Skills  *  saying no to smoking


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