In my mind

Today is Sunday and we are supposed to be going to church.  We have another 2 hours till we leave, so we’ll see, but my family did not sleep well last night.  Right now, half the crew is still asleep.

I want you to know it is hot and HUMID today.  There is no air flow whatsoever.  And, as our house completely depends on air flow to keep cool, this isn’t the ideal situation.  What’s interesting though, is that I did laundry yesterday (and I wasn’t behind) and I had two loads of “cold weather gear” (fleeces, long pants and the like).  It’s almost mid-June!  Crazy.

So, Jay has been taking the kids to the pool A LOT for me recently.  As he’s not truly able to do much of anything this is greatly appreciated by me.  Personally, I have a ton of stuff to do and most of it involves being at the house.

I have been feeling a lot of stress recently and I finally nailed it down to the fact that I have a great number of projects that need to be completed. . .Yet, I also have a great number of projects I need to start / finish before summer’s end.

Now, I have a serious personal problem when it comes to too many projects on my plate.  First, there is the whole “priority” thing.  Then, there is the whole I do better actually finishing one project at a time.  And then, which totally goes against the grain of the previous statement, some projects lend themselves to being done at the same time.

Therefore, let me give you an example.

Yesterday, Jay took the kids to the pool.  Thinking about the projects on my plate made me completely exhausted, (it’s not “fight or flight” with me. . .it’s “do or sleep”), so I laid down for a nap.

Two phone calls, 1 music video (courtesy of Drew) and one harmonic solo (again courtesy of Drew — who THOUGHT he was being quiet) and 20 minutes later I was up.

Went down stairs to get a drink and saw on my desk down there the labels that need to be put on DVD’s as I inventory them.  (And, I need to inventory them, as people are borrowing them, and too many times in the past have people failed to return what they borrowed.)

So, I sit down to think this through, and then remember that I want to finish the DVD for our play.  Which gets my highly aggravated as, if you remember, part of scene 3 failed to transfer.  The aggravation caused me to recognize that there was a stray wisp of hair dangling just in my peripheral vision, which I was sure would drive me insane as the day went on.

Thus, being driven completely mad by said strand of hair, I went back upstairs into my room to find something to hold it back. . .And opened the wrong drawer.  Which caused me to notice some video tapes that I had forgotten were ever put in there.  Because they were from our first video camera.


For the life of me, I couldn’t remember where that video camera might be.  But, that caused me to remember that my friend has just loaned me a video to DVD transfer machine (she loaned it for yet another failed attempt to get that part of scene 3).  Since this machine was  on loan, I should probably you know, use it and transfer all my videos to DVD.  Except the video tapes that were in my drawer were the small ones that require an adapter to play in a video recorder.  And I was more sure than anything that the adapter was probably with the video camera.

Thus, began the search for the video camera.  And, you know what, I could remember where I had that thing in every single house we’ve ever been in. . .except here.

An hour later, I was sitting there befuddled and cursing the fact that I had wasted so much time.  After all, I simply have too much to do to be wasting time.

But, at this point, I could no longer think straight as to what to do, so I thought I would write down a list.

And the first thing on my list was “inventory DVD’s” to which my very next thought was, that would be such a good activity to do AT THE SAME TIME as transferring the videos to DVDs.

Shook my head, at the insanity that is my mind, and went on.

“finish play dvd”

“inventory books”  (developing lots of homeschool friends means lots of book loans. . .need to keep record of that)

and so on. . .

and then, a moment of sheer brilliance!

“finish sorting ‘storage room'”

So, that’s what I went and did.  It’s on the 3rd floor and was hot and dusty, but I finished sorting it. . . AND I found the old video camera!

Of course, the video camera nor the storage room were on my priority list. . .  But, I’m totally going with it, as they both were on my overall list of things to do.

By the time I was done, I had to go start dinner for the boys’ imminent return.

And everyone wonders why it takes me so long to do things. . .

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One comment on “In my mind

  1. se7en says:

    Oh I hear you… I have spent years of my life so very B.U.S.Y. doing well not a whole lot because every thing else has to be done before i do anything… and so on and on and on… it is so exhausting getting not a whole lot done…

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