Last Ditch Effort

Okay, I have made mention of that issue with the play recording.  That, for reasons that I can’t fathom, there is 7 minutes of scene 3 that simply will not transfer from the video camera to the computer.  Additionally, everyone else who taped the play has issues with the SAME part.

Truly, how bizarre is that????

I have tried absolutely everything I can think of to rectify this situation.  And have gone completely batty in the process.

So, today, I’m doing my “last-ditch effort attempt”.  I am cleaning the video camera (again), in the hopes that this will somehow just work this time, but if that fails (again) then, I will simply put together the performance video without those 7 minutes (with excuses).  I can think of nothing else to do at this point.

I need to have this *thing* off my plate.  It is weighing me down something terrible. . .

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