Day 24 — June 14

 Ah now, see, this day is going to be difficult.  Because, technically, we did not do any *school* today.

However, Jay says that I can turn anything into *school*, so I guess this is the first true test.

However, before I attempt that I want to go into my “last-ditch effort“.  To recap:  I taped the whole play performance (the dress rehearsal).  It came out beautifully (on the camera).

I went to upload said recording onto the computer and it took everything, except for 7 minutes in the middle of the play.  Which was just weird.  So, I cleaned the heads on the video camera.  Nothing doin’.  I restarted the computer.  Nada.  I tried a different input cord.  Nope.

I READ the user’s manual!

I got frustrated; I called friends.  We had the dress rehearsal one night and the play the next two.  I was running out of time.

Others took video of the play.  Somehow, they managed to have an issue with that exact same block of time on their recording!  How does that happen???

I tried an S-video cord (supposedly won’t give you as high a quality playback) it didn’t give me squat.  I tried recording directly to the a DVD via a borrowed DVD recorder, and I got the footage. . . but not the sound!

And, then I put it away.  (We were going on vacation, and it’s not like I was taking it with me.)

So, yesterday was my last-ditch effort attempt.  I cleaned the heads on my video camera, I plugged it into the computer via my regular cord, I pressed transfer. . .


Jay informed me that the more he “understands” computers the more he’s convinced they are female. . .

Anyway, because I was finally able to get all the video on the computer I started editing it for publication.  And then a good friend called saying they were back from vacation and would love to get together with us.

So, I “ditched” the formal school-work for the day to work on, as much as I could, the video before getting together with friends.

We went to the pool to meet with our friends.  They had just gotten back from a Western Mediterranean cruise.  (On the exact same ship that we had taken for our Med. cruise.)  Except they upgrade for the upstairs suites.  Which sounded absolutely DIVINE. . .except that I know the higher you get on a ship the more sea sickness will affect you (if you are so afflicted).  Which I am! 

(Dear Cruise Ship manufacturers:  please put family suites in the lower levels too.  I could honestly care less about windows or balconies, but it would be wonderful to have my family share a suite instead of having to separate amongst non-adjoining rooms.)

They went to Pompey!  I am so jealous!  They talked about the ruins a bit there and everything, and my boys were reminded of what they had read regarding the destruction of Pompey.

Then the kids went off to play in the pool and some other friends came to the pool and we had a great time catching up.

And then it was time to go back home.  So, we packed up our stuff and headed out.  (The pool was closing early due to a swim meet, so all of us were leaving at the same time.)

En route home we get a phone call.  Our friends, the ones having just returned from the cruise, had just gotten in a car accident.  U-turn.

Luckily, all were fine, albeit horribly shaken.  We stayed with them waiting for the police, and her husband to arrive.  Then, we stayed and provided shelter (with our van) during a rainstorm.  And we waited still until the tow truck came and everything was well taken care of.  I like to think we “helped” but truly the only help was in the not being alone.

The boys got a lesson on the workings of car insurance on the way home.

The evening was spent in discussion with Drew.  He had asked us for time, so he could discuss his future plans with us.  He is not sure what he wants.  He is equally torn between two courses of action. 

The first is to got to the community college and get a job and hopefully during the next two years come up with an idea of what field he’d like to study / go into.

The second is to join the military.  To get away from home and have a greater “freedom” / independence.

Looking in this young man’s face, I can see the kid in him desiring us to tell him what to do.  I can also see the man in him trying to grasp the reins of his life and start directing it.

It’s hard for a Mom to see, actually.  And, it’s harder to keep my mouth shut and let him bear this burden himself.

Tyler has started reading Ivanhoe, and the little guys are in the midst of The Big Lie (McGee and Me).

Subject * Notes
English  *  literature readings
Social Studies+  *  refresher on Pompey. (discussion of other places)
The “Arts”    
PE  *  swimming
Socialization  *  catching up with friends
Life Skills  *  car insurance, special circumstances whilst driving.


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