Day 26 — June 16

Today was a rainy day.  The perfect sort of day for a nap. . .

Nothin’ doin’

It was also nice and cool which makes it a perfect day to bake. . . but I couldn’t bring myself to cook at all.

So, it was just plain ole school today.  Well, except for Tyler who went rock climbing.

Apparently, those flags are used for different “trails” and skill level markers.

He’s pretty proud of himself for doing a 5.6 today.  Not that he’s quite clear on what a 5.6 is, but he knows that’s the trail level he did.

But, the rest of us truly were just stuck at home doing school.

We had a hard time focusing on school today too, which is never good.  Yet, all in all, we managed to do quite well.

Jay decided to grill out this evening (I declared I wasn’t cooking squat), and afterwards the boys ran around the house as if they had been cooped up a long-hard winter.

Subject * Notes
English  *  reading review & literature reading
Math  *  1 lesson
Science  *  read about the differences between butterflies & moths
Social Studies+    
The “Arts”  *  studied a picture called “Fay Xray”
PE  *  rock climbing and running
Life Skills    

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