Day 28 — June 18

It was again a no-formal school work day.

We did do garden care, and we did some spot painting in a room.  And time was spent at the pool.

There is a kid at our pool practicing witchcraft, a boy.  My kids have been informed to stay away from him, not so much because of the witchcraft things, but because he’s always trying to sell charms and what-nots.  (Like I need extra junk in my house!)   And while I’m sure my kids understood this instruction it became evident that they weren’t quite sure WHO I was talking about.

They found out yesterday.

On the way home from the pool, Garrett was informing me that he was quite certain that one of the kids he knows would never find a way to open “his third eye”.


Come to find out, that this child had come and told them (my kids) he was going to get a third eye, and they went to follow him to find out what he was talking about.  He went to the “witch kid”, and they hung around trying to figure out what it was all about.

That is, until Garrett determined who it was they were watching.  And then he informed Mikhail that they had to leave.

But, of one thing he was certain.  This kid was a kook and his friend would never find his third eye.

To which Tyler pops up and says,

“Yeah Mom, the only thing I’ve seen that kid conjure up is a tidal wave when he jumps in the pool.”

Subject * Notes
Social Studies+    
The “Arts”    
PE * swimming
Socialization * fun with friends, learning about other’s idiosynchracies
Life Skills    

One comment on “Day 28 — June 18

  1. Sarah F says:

    Haven’t had to deal with that. Praying your boys listen to their Mother’s wisdom. Sounds like they handled it pretty well.

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