Day 31 — June 21

So, today was fairly productive.

I woke up well before my alarm and remembered all the things that I had forgotten to set aside last night.  And, I even remembered to bring them with me to VBS.  At VBS I managed to forget to tell each and every class at least one thing.  So, I certainly did not appear “orderly”, by any stretch of the imagination.

On the other hand, I have an awesome “team”.  I have a helper teacher and 2 teen aides; all of whom are incredibly helpful and completely with it.

The boys had a good time, I believe “snack time” is their favorite activity.  Which, oddly enough, is exactly the same as it is here at home.

We came back home and then Jay and Garrett went to the pool.  Mikhail wasn’t feeling so hot (I think he was tired), and Tyler didn’t want to hang out at the pool because his best friend is showing a greater interest in girls than in him.

I spent the afternoon working on the computer and trying to get the DVDs burned.  Which after one technical malfunction I was able to complete.

Mikhail has been trying real hard to learn this massively long Bible verse by tomorrow.  He’ll get a prize tomorrow if he gets it.  Then, he wanted instruction on how to snap, as they are doing that in one of their songs.

Garrett already knows the verse and how to snap. . .

Ah, a poor little man is in tears, going to bed.

But, I have faith he’ll get it down.

Subject * Notes
Science  *  T — science
Social Studies+  *  Bible
The “Arts”  *  tin craft, songs
PE  *  games, swimming
Socialization  *  meeting others
Life Skills    

One comment on “Day 31 — June 21

  1. se7en says:

    Oh Good Luck Little Man… may you be all conquering!!!

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