Day 32 — June 22

I had nightmares about VBS AGAIN last night.  I tell you, I think I’m more prepared for this than I have been for anything else I’ve ever taught, and I’m having nightmares every night of what I can possibly mess up.  I just don’t get it.

Mikhail completely nailed his Bible verse memorization.  Today’s verse is only 5 words, but he’s completely NOT interested.  Why?   Because the “prize” was a single Starburst piece. . .and he was expecting chocolate!

The boy takes after his mother, what can I say?

Now, he has absolutely NO desire to learn any more Bible verses.

Tyler did science and math today.

The afternoon was spent at the pool (whilst I was home doing laundry).

I had a Mom’s Night out with friend’s. . .not a bad end to the day.

Subject * Notes
Math  *  Tyler
Science  *  Tyler
Social Studies+  *  Bible — all kids; little ones at VBS, big ones at youth group
The “Arts”  *  coaster
PE  *  musical chairs & swimming
Socialization  *  CLASSROOM ENVIRONS
Life Skills    

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