Day 33 — June 23

Okay, it’s two hours past the little guys’ bedtime, and I just put them into bed with a stern fussing to about how we do not kick our brother’s for calling us a “name”.  And another discussion about how it’s not nice to call a “name”.  And a whole third discussion about how “parent” is not a bad name (or word), and it is something to be respected and honored.

Quite sure that third discussion was completely ignored.

Oh, but why are they going to bed late?  We had our VBS “social” tonight.  Normally, they come at the end, but for some reason the social was held in the middle of the week. 

That means all the kids are going to be great fun tomorrow.

The kids had a fabulous time though.

The boys had some friends come over after VBS today, so my day was absolutely packed. . .  I seriously need some down time!  Sadly, tomorrow is just as packed. . .

Shoot, I had some other things I wanted to say, but they completely just flew from my brain. . .

Subject * Notes
Social Studies+  *  Bible
The “Arts”  *  beaded lanyard
PE  *  swimming
Socialization  *  ice cream “social”
Life Skills  *  getting along with siblings


One comment on “Day 33 — June 23

  1. se7en says:

    What can I say… hang in there… the weekend is coming!!! (if not a little slowly).

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