Day 35 — June 25


That was a hectic week!

Let’s see, updates are needed. 

I had mentioned that Garrett was sick.  We were suspecting dehydration.  He had fallen asleep at the pool, and when I woke him up he smiled at me and said, “Mommy, you are blue all over.”

As blue is not a color I think I look good in, I decided right then and there that he needed to go home.

Took him home and rehydrated him and sent him to bed.  He woke up after a couple of hours and his fever had broken, but I gave him more water and sent him back to bed.  He slept with me, and kept waking me up about green lights.  Today, the fever continued so he stayed home from VBS.

It was after he had gone to bed the first time that we realized the cat was missing.  We searched the house high and low looking for her.  Went outside looking for her. . .  All I can now say is that she has one awesome hiding spot!  She has shown herself a couple of times (inside) but we still don’t know where she is taking herself.

Today was the last day of VBS, and the easiest craft was set for today.  Actually, it was so easy that I was bored stiff.  It’s hard to keep control of kids when activities are too easy too.  Hmmm. . .interesting idea, “lack of challenge creates overactive kids”.

Mikhail went to VBS with me and he did fine.  When we got back home Garrett was still unwell.  So Jay took Mikhail and Tyler to the pool and Garrett and I laid down for a nap.  That felt good!

Jay then picked up dinner and a movie for us last night and it was a lovely relaxing evening.  THAT felt better!

Garrett went to bed still running a low-grade fever.

Subject * Notes
Social Studies+  Bible
The “Arts”  *  sticker box
PE  *  swimming
Life Skills  *  taking care of self (hydrating)


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