Day 36 — June 26

Today was the day that public school’s refer to as a “teacher work day”.

Personally, I refer to it as “hell”.

So, I spent the day (amidst doing laundry, gardening and painting a room) doing year-end close-out work.

Which entails grades, and transcripts.

Grading is just a pain.  I grade “fine” throughout the year, but I’m not so good at transferring grades onto the record sheet.  Actually, that’s not true, generally I’m really good about that, but for some reason this year I didn’t do it.

And the pain part comes in because the children invariably put their papers helter-skelter every which way.  So, the day becomes collecting and organizing and making sure everything is graded & recorded.

Then comes the transcript preparation.  That just sends me into fits EVERY.  SINGLE.  TIME.  And not because it’s difficult. . .  Nope, I go into fits because of the very nature of the transcript.

See, the transcript itself, first and foremost is a form of “marketing”.  As succinctly as possible you are supposed to inform what your child has accomplished, but you of course want to impress. . .

And you just know everyone is lying on these things!  Why do you know that?  Well, first there’s the whole fact that remedial classes are on the increase in colleges.  How is it a child can make it through “pre-calculus” and still need a remedial math class?

Then, there are those PEOPLE (schools do it too, but I get much more aggravated at homeschoolers that do it), that only put A’s on their child’s transcript.

I mean, I’m totally cool with you putting an A down for your child if they EARNED it, but if you are one of those “mastery” people who make your child retake tests until they get an A (proving their ability to memorize the test, not actually know the material) and then that A goes into the record book (even though they really only got a D the first time round). . .Then, THAT irks me to no end.  And I sit there, fuming, as I prepare my children’s transcripts.

And I fume because it really shouldn’t bother me that these people are short-changing their child.  Truly.  Except these people may be submitting their child’s transcript to the same college that my child will be submitting his. . .

And, I know people like that.  It’s not like I’m pulling that out of a hat.  I honestly know people who do that. . .

Anyway, I finished Drew’s final transcript.  With all his A’s and B’s.  It’s done and it’s honest.  (He even had some C’s — in French.)

I also finished Tyler’s transcript for this year.  He had all A’s and B’s and he’s fussing about it.  He saw too many B’s for his liking.  And here I was rejoicing that there was not a single, solitary C on there!

Garrett and Mikhail read to me today, and did some music.  Oh, and we harvested all the potatoes from the garden and watered it.  Mikhail can’t get over the idea that potatoes come out of the ground.

Subject * Notes
English  *  reading
Social Studies+    
The “Arts”  *  music
PE  *  Garrett & Mikhail went to the pool
Life Skills  *  gardening


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