Day 37 — June 37

We hit triple digits today again, and the humidity is enough to break a man with the “weight” of it.

Our church has canceled the kids’ “worship time” (AKA “children’s church”) for the early service.  Which means we have to now go to the later service.  This is SO not good for my family who is habitually hungry right about the time the later service starts.  And, I’ve discovered snacks don’t cut it.

We went to the pool later on.  A girl there passed out from heat exhaustion and an ambulance was called.  Keep reminding my kids to drink plenty of water and stay in the shade when possible.

When we got home in the evening Jay and the older boys installed the A/C window units downstairs.  (It’s funny as we went all last summer without them at all.)

I’m feeling “rich”.

Subject * Notes
English  *  Reading
Social Studies+  *  Bible
The “Arts”    
PE  *  Swimming
Life Skills  *  dealing with heat


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