Day 38 — June 28

Well the little guys decided to go to another VBS.  This time at the church where we hold our homeschool co-op classes.

And, as about 1/2 our co-op goes to this church, it was akin to “coming home” and seeing wonderful friends.

This week, because of their VBS, I’m feeling like I’m “off” (as in vacation).  And it’s only in the morning, but it’s a wonderful feeling!

Drew was scheduled for his driver’s test today, and we wanted to ensure we had everything required.  (As some of our friends did this just last month and they were told they needed things that weren’t on any list.)  So, we had Drew call to find out.  Then, he had to call back to clarify some information.  He was furious that he had to wait so long on the phone and frustrated that he had to make the call twice.  Ah, welcome to adulthood my son. . .

Anyway, Drew went in and took and passed his driving exam (practical).  He impressed everyone with his high score.  In fact, they just instituted a new driving test in our state.  They actually have you driving on the road amongst other drivers!  Isn’t that a novel idea???  (I’m totally joking here as in WV, where I grew up, over 20 years ago you took the exam on the road.  Apparently here though, they have always done it on a course.)  Anyway, since they instituted the new test less than 10% of testers have actually passed, and apparently Drew passed with the fewest points taken away (missing 4).

I think his joy in passing though was crushed by the 2.5 hour wait afterward to get his license.  Ahh, the DMV. . .

We did not go to the pool today.  Instead stayed home and just relaxed.  It felt good.

Subject * Notes
English  *  reading
Science  *  T
Social Studies+  *  Bible
The “Arts”  *  music
PE  *  games at VBS
Life Skills  *  dealing with DMV


One comment on “Day 38 — June 28

  1. Our kids were just asking about VBS yesterday and listening to cd’s from their previous VBS classes. VBS is so wonderful!

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