Day 39 — June 29

I’m going to be in big trouble on the 1st as my dates and days are going to be thrown completely off-kilter!

There was a EUREKA moment today.  Mikhail picked up a book and tried to read it on his own.  He opened it to one page and then. . .just started.  You should have seen him!  He looked up and asked me,

“Mom, is this really what it says?”

To which I responded,

“Yes, honey, that’s exactly what it says.”


The only bummer is that right at that moment an offer to play was given to him and he dashed straight away. . .

Magical “moment” in 30 seconds or less. . .  *sigh*

Now, if I could just get Garrett (a year his senior) to realize the same thing.

Slow and steady.  I have to remind myself that 100 bazillion times a day.  When people talk about their kids and what they are reading and what stupendous things they are doing, I have to sing my happy song and just remind myself that my kids will get there when they are ready.  And then tell myself that in the end it will all work out.

Okay, so maybe it’s truly 237 bazillion times a day that I remind myself.

Tyler is doing Physical Science and enjoying it.  I thought he would.  The funny thing is I was the very same way.  I also loved Physics.

The problem is next up is Biology and Chemistry.  GAG ME WITH A SPOON!  I suspect Tyler will feel the same way.  (Drew, on the other hand liked those two courses and couldn’t stand Physics.)

Subject * Notes
Science  *  T — learning about centripetal force
Social Studies+  *  Bible
The “Arts”  *  music
PE  *  pool
Life Skills    


One comment on “Day 39 — June 29

  1. se7en says:

    Hay you!!! I meant to say congrats on the drivers yesterday, but I see that today is already tomorrow… How did that happen already? Well done anyway to the man of the moment!!! Have a fun weekend… it’s in sight – only just!!!

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