Day 41 — July 1

So, today was another VBS day.  I’m starting to see strain in my kids again.  You know, little bits of stress that come out in massive fights between siblings over the tiniest things.

Ahhh, I pity classroom teachers!

Today was just another day, except for the fact that we had a potluck scheduled for this evening.

You know, a bunch of us homeschool families that are desperate for some form of socialization.  Well not the kids, by any stretch of the imagination, but us parents were desperate for some.

I’ve been having massive problems with this whole potluck business.  Because, apparently, I’m an “awesome cook”.   I was told this little “fact” a couple of times in the last two weeks by people I’m not sure I have ever even fed. 

So, now there are expectations to live up to, and I truly dislike expectations.  Especially, when those expectations have to deal with a potluck!  I mean, there is only so much you can deal with at a potluck.  Certain foods decry the very nature of a potluck.

We’ve had two potlucks in the last two weeks and, honestly, I think I’ve used all the recipes in my arsenal that would be acceptable potluck foods.  It’s a sad state, truly.

Oh, and the last two days Jay has been working on my van.  He wanted to change the antifreeze.  He had to take apart the engine block to even get to the reservoir and man he was running a temper yesterday!  But, today things went well for him and he got it all back together.  Not bad for a man with a cast.

On a completely unrelated subject, I am still annoyed by the lack of good US maps in this country!  I just want that out there, for the record and all.  Oh, and people need to find out the definition of “physical” map, because I’m thoroughly sick of looking at elevation maps that claim to be “physical”.

Subject * Notes
Math  *  T – les. 31
Science  *  T – general relativity
Social Studies+  *  Bible
The “Arts”  *  music
PE  *  swimming / basketball
Socialization  *  potluck
Life Skills    


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