I’m sure I have mentioned on numerous occasions something about our diet.  I mean, it’s kind of big deal, so I can’t imagine that I don’t talk about it.

Because of Jay we are on a “low” diet.  Low sodium, low-fat, low cholesterol, low. . .well, you get the idea.  And, I deal with it fairly well.  I”m pretty darn good about making sure the food we eat is essentially healthy all the time.

I mean, we were even sent to a nutritionist (mandatory per the military) so she could “help us adjust our eating habits” and when all was said and done she said there really wasn’t much she could offer to improve upon.

She did offer up going to whole wheat pasta, but we’d tried that and Jay said it “tore his stomach up something fierce”.

But truly, one can only take so much of this healthy eating business before going insane.  (Especially if that one doesn’t have a single issue with sodium, fat, cholesterol, etc.)  And, honestly, I’m thinking going out for junk twice a year is not a huge deal.

So, I sent Jay off to pick up some “junk” food.  Good, deep-fried, finger-lickin’, juice-runnin’-down-your-chin, yum!  And I spent the day going about the laundry chore in the happiest of moods knowing that he would come home with it.

Except the man came home with another offering from that particular restaurant.  Something that pretends to be somewhat healthy.


I mean, seriously!  WHAT?!  Why would I send you to a junky restaurant for you to come home with something that isn’t, you know, junk?

Not to mention, we’ve been married over 20 years, and the man should truly know that I’m really specific when it comes to this particular restaurant about the stuff I want.

I felt. . .


I’m raiding the chocolate stash tonight. . .

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One comment on “Junk

  1. se7en says:

    Oh I so know THAT betrayal… The father person is diabetic and EVERYTHING is low … everything… but if he doesn’t come home with a tub of Hagen Daz Belgian chocolate his name is mud – literally.

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