Day 46 — July 6

Well, something is not “right” with Garrett.  He has the sniffles and general malaise.  Poor kid just looks as if life is beating him down.

So, we did school (the basics anyway:  math, reading, writing).

Man, did I catch a lot of grief on that one!  And holy cow, the boys were complaining it was hot.  So, we had the A/C units on downstairs by lunchtime.

I took the dog outside to comb some of that scruff off.  He’s shedding like a fiend!  I got off enough fur to at least cover this poor guy:

View Image

(American Hairless Terrier)

It got over 106 yesterday.  I know that because at 3 Jay came in and informed me it was 106, and I told him I didn’t need anymore temp. reports as I know the hottest part of our day is around 5.

But, the A/C units we have downstairs worked very well.  I know this because, also at 3, Jay was laughing at us with our blankets on and the inside temp reading 82.  (Funny what you can get used to!)  So, he set our A/C units to 82 and it didn’t get any “colder”.

Jay gets his cast off in 7 days.  I have to say, I’ve been counting them down since about, oh, week 1!  Seems like every time I sit down for a moment I hear, “Hey hon, could you. . .”

I think the biggest gripe I have is that I’ll be busy doing stuff, and finally get a moment to sit and rest and THAT’s when he pipes up.

His excuse is that he doesn’t want to bother me when I’m busy. . .

I’m a MOM for heaven’s sake!  Adding another little thing to my plate while I’m doing something else is not generally a big deal.

Messing with me when I finally get that 5 minutes of respite. . .that’s another story.

I think it was because of this that he gave up a book he’s been reading for over two weeks to let me start reading it.  He’s been plugging away at this book for over two weeks. . .I’ll be done by lunchtime tomorrow.

I’ve been talking to Tyler every day.  He’s been having a grand time on his vacation with friends.  He says they’ve been feeding him pizza all week!  And they’ve just been hanging around the beach every day.  I think he’ll be a hurting unit when he gets home and has to get back to “life”.  The temps where they are aren’t as hot as they are here, so I guess that’s good.

Subject * Notes
English  *  boys’ reading to me, Little Hansworst was our literature story, writing rhyming words, some phonics work
Math  *  Les. 114 which was review (that was lucky)
Social Studies+  *  Bible story of creation, part 2
The “Arts”    
Life Skills    


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