Day 48 — July 8

The day was delightful!

I mean, it got up to 97 and all, but that’s a huge difference to triple digits.  Which is funny, because it is completely mental on my part and I know it.  But going from 99 to 100. . .whew!  It feels like a 20 degree leap.

But I digress.  It did get up to 97, but by 8 pm a wind had come in and it was down to 86!  Wahoo!

And we had our potluck last night.  I took in the only things that I had left on my list of pot-luck-y type recipes, and all of those happened to be heavy dairy.  And I was thinking that was fantastic as the family that has dairy issues was on vacation (with Tyler).  Course, I completely forgot that there were a couple with (mild) allergies to nuts. . .

It was just a couple though!  Out of 31, that’s not a big deal, right?

The little guys did math.  And it was funny (odd)!  Mostly review, but the lesson was actually about double digit addition.  Why is that funny, you may ask?  Because their math book has yet to have them adding to or subtracting from 10!  We are 2/3rds through the book and they have yet to get to 10!  But they are doing 43+52.  Just weird!

The boys were reading to me yesterday too.  At one point Mikhail pops up and asks when he’ll be able to read “for real”.  I wonder what that means to him?

I feel like they are both finally reaching the “starting gate” of reading.  Like they are starting to realize that it’s attainable.  There is a nervous energy to them, an anticipation of sorts.  Sometimes their excitement is such that they seem to step back, but through gentle handling they come forward again to the gate. . .

And soon, that “gun” will fire.  I can’t wait to see it.

Subject * Notes
English  *  reading
Math  *  Lesson 115 & 116
Social Studies+    
The “Arts”    
PE  *  swimming
Life Skills    

One comment on “Day 48 — July 8

  1. se7en says:

    Funny thing – my kids take ages… between being able to read (and they unconsciously sound out shop signs, cereal boxes, everything) and realizing that they can read… you know pick up a book and follow the words!!! Glad you had a good day!!!

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