Day 49 — July 9

I told him and I told him and I told him!

Jay just took a tumble down the basement stairs.  I’ve been on him about going down those steps as they are steep, narrow, and require a good deal of body twisting for him to get down “regular”.  (If you are taller than 5’6″ you have to duck on your way down. . .and he’s 6’3″ AND ON CRUTCHES!)

So, he biffed it.  Hit his back pretty darn hard but “saved” his ankle.

I have some choice words going around in my head right now, and the nicest of those being “nincompoop”.

Oh, and his excuse is that he “couldn’t survive if he wasn’t able to go down in the basement”.


Of course, this was after he drove 5 hours to get a massive, used, air compressor today. . .you know so he can start restoring his car.

double phhlbt!

*shaking it off*

One of our cats finds the most interesting places to lay. . .

She’s such an oddball!

Today was a box day of sorts!

Since this is essentially the 2nd time round for me (homeschooling), I don’t require a  lot of books (having a lot left over from the older two).  So, I decided to splurge and get some “fun stuff”.

The boys actually ripped into the box with great glee before I could get the camera, so they had to shove some stuff back in there.

They were so ecstatic that I told them they could select one to start with.

Which required a trip outside to pick up some little critters to fill the thing with.

And, I’m thinking NASA did not use the spiffy little container the gel came in, for while the container seems quite “people proof” (hard to open) the ants are little Houdini’s and keep finding their way out (even with the lid snuggly in place).

We’ve decided our ants might be too small.

The boys keep going back and forth to watch them though. . .  And recapture the creepy crawlies that escape.  Which leads me to suspect they’ll be dead soon enough, as “capture” is hard on such little bodies.

I have at least one kid that is a bug person though. . .  And if he wasn’t capturing ants to be putting in the gel he’d be capturing them to throw into some spider’s web.

Oh, and we did our school today too.  Just throwing it out there that we did and all was good, albeit not worthy of comment.

And it was cool today!  It only got up to 96!  So, I decided we could enjoy the day and stay home to paint.  They boys even went along with that!  They were perfectly happy to stay home, capture ants, and occasionally, come help slap some paint on the walls.

In fact, when Jay and Drew returned home from buying the air compressor, Jay saw the paint can out and asked what I was painting.

Mind you, he came in the back door to this (meaning this is the view as you come in the back door):

And, when he left this morning, it looked something like this:

And that man prides himself on being observant!

Methinks the man has fallen and suffered severe mental jarring one too many times. . .

Hey!  Was that an ant just calling across my toes?

Subject * Notes
English  *  reading, literature (Krazy Kat), phonics
Math  *  Lessons 117 & 118
Science  *  ants
Social Studies+    
The “Arts”    
Life Skills  *  Painting

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