Day 51 — July 11

 Okay, so you may have been wondering about all the painting I’ve been saying I’ve been up to.  Well, this is it:

Well, obviously, that isn’t it.  This is what was previously termed, “the third floor kitchen” (it was a full kitchen) but it is where we tried to put all our school supply items.  Except, a kitchen is really poorly designed to be a storage area. . .

Ha, isn’t that funny???  It truly is, if you think about what you store in your kitchen.  (I know, you are all thinking about all the stuff you have crammed in your kitchens. . .)  But, cabinets?  They are junk for storing things.  If you don’t believe me, then give it a half second thought when you are reaching in the way back of a cabinet on the floor (and having to rearrange to pull items out).

Anyway, I digress.

I needed something more suitable.  Something that would store things well; yet, also give me more floor space.  Plus, I wanted something more light and airy.  (As you can see, the one window is completely blocked by cabinets.)

So, Jay got to work.  And ripped all the cabinets off the walls.  (And because our house is so old some of the walls came with the cabinets. . .)  And that gave me the reason to paint.

Anyway, we now have a “brand-new” supply room.

It offers me the much-needed floor space. . . 

(The boys helped Jay assemble the dressers.)

And an excellent place to store like items (that can be reached easily).


This little clock has nothing to do with sunflowers, but has the right colors. . AND, Garrett made it.  (It also has the side benefit of covering a hole in the wall that we can’t currently seal.)

I’m thinking, if I can find the right fabric, I’ll replace the valance (it is original — sunflowers on navy blue background).  But, for now, I’m good.


We went to the pool for just over 2 hours.

Also, the boys did some reading.  The little thing they were reading was chock full of “r’s”.  R sounds are hard!  They are both now fighting a bit of “I can’t do it syndrome”.

Slow and steady. . .slow and steady.

Subject * Notes
English  *  reading
Social Studies+    
The “Arts”    
PE  *  swimming
Life Skills    

One comment on “Day 51 — July 11

  1. se7en says:

    Wow, fantastic!!!… Makes me think I need to up the pace around here somewhat!!!

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