Day 53 — July 13

Let’s see, we went to the pool. . .

The boys bought these “remote control” airplanes yesterday.  They are cheaply made $30 styrofoam planes.  (Purchased with the boys’ own money.)  The remote control has engine speed and a right and left control. 

Let me say again that these things are made out of styrofoam.  The only movable parts on these planes are the two propellers. . .So, who exactly (aside from certain 7 & 8 year olds) believes that the right / left control actually works????


We are blessed with excellent neighbors!  Truly, I think I can say that as fact.  They are forever dealing with stuff going over the fence.  I think there is a fairly defined pathway now from my yard to theirs.  And if it goes in their backyard they are always kind enough to return an item fairly quickly.

And they never FUSS about it!  Nope, they just chatter with the kids about what it was they were doing, etc.

Anyway, these planes have now spread the terror joy far and wide.  The boys are getting really familiar with all the neighbors within a 1/2 block radius.

And all the neighbors are proving themselves fantastic and good sports!  It amazes me.

Even the young couple across the street, who are just starting their own family, are being good about everything.  So good in fact, that they are going to allow my kids (one of the teens) to climb on their roof tomorrow to retrieve a plane. . .

Mom and Dad, don’t worry, it’s one of the single story houses, so even though the roof is slick with recent rains, I’m sure the kid will be fine. . .Jay assures me it’s true. . .

Each of the boys’ planes is shaped differently.  It has been terribly interesting listening to them discuss the merits of each shape, the aerodynamics of each body, and the problems they are both having with “steering”.  They are also fascinated with air currents, as these little planes really “show” those.

I’m sure the boys will get at least two more days of joy from these planes (assuming, of course, the one ever gets off the roof).

Subject * Notes
Science  *  air mechanics
Social Studies+    
The “Arts”    
PE  *  swimming
Life Skills    


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