Day 54 — July 14

Jay got his cast off!

And just so you know how wonderful this truly is, it means I don’t have to do dishes anymore!  (That’s his house chore, but he couldn’t do it whilst on crutches.)

And, we finally got a look at his ankle:

Pretty gruesome looking, hmmm?

Anyway, we took the day to celebrate.  An afternoon movie of Iron Man 2 and then the boys had omelets and pancakes for dinner.  (I don’t “do” most breakfast foods so all the boys have been feeling deprived of breakfast since Daddy couldn’t cook.)

I am wracking my brain trying to figure out what we did that would fit in my chart. . .

I know we discussed some more about wound care with the boys.  They asked questions about caring for Daddy’s ankle. . .

Tyler and Jay worked on fixing bikes.  Tyler’s bike has been giving him grief.  Turns out his derailer was horribly bent, and his axle was broke!  Good gravy!

Oh, and Tyler was also the one that retrieved the plane from our neighbor’s roof.  Had to wait till afternoon though as it rained throughout the morning.  Plus, Tyler was busy studying for his driver’s exam.

Drew is working on making career choices.  He’s struggling so!

Other than that, I think I can say, “taking a day to celebrate life”.

Subject * Notes
Science  *  health — wound care
Social Studies+    
The “Arts”    
Life Skills  *  bike mechanics, driver’s study


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