Day 55 — July 15

Let’s see.

I meant to do school with Garrett and Mikhail today.  I also meant to do some sewing.

Instead, I spent my morning at a recruiter’s office, a colossal time buster.  However, Tyler stepped up to the plate for me and did the boys’ reading with them.  As well as doing some studying on his own for the driver’s exam.

So, when I returned home at noon I had just enough time to eat before a girlfriend stopped by and dropped off her daughter who was going to the pool with us for the day.  Then, it was packing up and going to the pool.

Today was another pot-luck day.  We had meats, which makes it terribly easy to come up with something to do.  But, I’m going to be in a sorry state for next week as I have absolutely NO ideas.

Tomorrow is Tyler’s birthday.  Sweet 16. . .which in this house is just another birthday.  I will be spending the majority of the day cooking though, as that means the most to my boys.

Subject * Notes
English  * reading 
Social Studies+    
The “Arts”    
PE  *  swimming, basketball
Socialization  *  pot-luck with friends
Life Skills    


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