Bat Man

Okay, I did not sleep well last night. . . not at all!

First off, it was hot so we turned on our room a/c units.  But those stinkers are loud.  And it’s not so much their noise that will keep me awake, but the fact that I can’t hear anything else that will drive me to distraction and keep me awake.

My husband insists that this proves I’m “nosy”.  Personally, I don’t get the correlation.

Anyway, at one point I got up and stepped out of the room and discovered that there was thunder and lightning going on.  Which means I was up a good remainder of the night trying very hard to listen for rain.  (Because if it rains I need to run around the house and close the windows so rain doesn’t come inside.)

Course, it’s hard to do that with the rumbling a/c unit going.  I seriously thought about turning it off but it was so muggy. . .

Anyway, I finally fall asleep sometime after 4, only to be awakened at 0519 by Jay saying, “Honey, I need some help.”

Now, please recall that Jay just had his cast taken off on Wed.  He had his first physical therapy session yesterday. . .I was thinking something was horribly wrong.

So, I bounced out of bed to help out and he meets me at the door with a towel bundle.

And I’m confused. . .I mean this just isn’t making any sense.  And because I’m a worse case scenario kind of gal the first thing that pops in my head is, “Oh my gosh, his sutures burst open and he’s bleeding to death!”

But, then Jay enlightens me. . .

“I need you to carry that downstairs, CAREFULLY.  There’s a bat in there.”

“Excuse me.  I’m sorry.  What?”

“A bat.  I caught a HUGE bat in our bathroom and I need help taking it outside.”

“A bat?!?”

“Yes, a BIG one, could you help me get it outside?”

And I’m looking at this towel bundle in my two hands.  And I’m feeling a fairly significant weight, given that we are talking about a bat.  And I’m looking at his ankle just to make sure that he simply didn’t just blow out his sutures and is losing his mind with the ebb of blood. . .

So, we make our way downstairs and outside to release the critter back into the night.  I throw off one flap of towel and nothing happens.  I throw off another flap of towel and all I’m seeing are some dirty boy clothes, and some little brown thing in the middle. . .

A LITTLE brown bat, maybe 2 inches long (body).  Just sitting there looking all cozy on little boys stinky, dirty clothes.

Then, suddenly, he takes off.  Much to Jay’s relief as he was terrified he had hurt the little guy during capture.

Today begins the hunt to discover how the critter got into the house.  Because I am under no misconceptions that things would be so calm if it had been I that had discovered a bat in our bathroom at 5 in the morning.

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One comment on “Bat Man

  1. se7en says:

    Oh I am laughing so hard I am just ahbout not able to type… I so understand listening all night!!!! We have an empty house next door that goes broken into at least once a week (you would think there was nothing left in it!!!) but I am always listening to see if any “visitors” are straying over the fence… life in Africa!!! Oh and have we had our fair share of strange beasties in the night but never a huge 2 inch bat before!!!! Have a fun day!!!

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