Day 56 – July 16

Well, like I said, the day was spent baking / cooking.  I started at 0730 and stopped at 1815.

Overall, the day went well.

We did review the Heimlich Maneuver, when Mikhail inadvertently swallowed a hard candy.  Note:  We did not need to use it on him, as he managed to “clear” himself, but we did review what you do when necessary. 

Actually, come to think of it, I reviewed it with the older two, but didn’t go into it with the younger set.  Should do that on the morrow.

Hmm, I have oodles of pictures (I think), but camera is currently missing.

Oh, and we had to expand our growth chart.  It stopped before 6′.  Tyler is now 6’1″.  I expanded it to 7’4″  (Trying to make sure there is enough room for Garrett who is nearing 5 feet and not even 9.)

And Mikhail, whom we always refer to as the “shrimp” in the family?  Well, I was looking at his measurements on the chart yesterday and he’s really not.  He’s in-line with Tyler’s measurements at the same age.  Drew is not too happy about that, as it now appears he will be the shortest.

Subject * Notes
Science  *  health — Heimlich Maneuver, growth
Social Studies+    
The “Arts”    
Life Skills    


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