Day 57 — July 18

(Typing this the following morning and I’m terribly tired.)

Let’s see.

Yesterday I took Tyler out and about so he could fill out job applications.  That essentially blew my morning.

Then, in the afternoon, we spent 3 hours at the pool.  The boys did both swimming and basketball, but neither of them were heart-felt.  Of course, when we were leaving was when most of their friends were arriving. . .

Whilst at the pool the boys received a lesson from Lit’l Bit about trade and barter.  Those silly bands are popular here and people are always wanting to trade them, etc.  It’s not such a big deal for the boys as they don’t buy the bands and only have the few that have been given to them or that they have found discarded.  But, Lit’l Bit didn’t want them to be taken advantage of, so offered to give them “lessons”.  Have to say it wasn’t a bad lesson at all as the most important thing she impressed upon them is knowing how much what you have is really worth.

Jay read with them last night.

Subject * Notes
English  *  reading
Social Studies+    
The “Arts”    
PE  *  swimming / basketball
Life Skills  *  trade and barter


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