Day 59 — July 19

The pool was closed today, so that wasn’t in the day’s arrangement.

And, I’m not sure how we did it, but we managed to get school done and go see a friend who had their wisdom teeth removed, and laundry, etc.

Oh, and took oodles of phone calls.  That was the kicker, I think.  It seemed every time we sat down we had another phone call come in.

There were tears from both boys today.  Garrett was rolling along fine and then all of a sudden burst into tears saying he couldn’t possibly do this one exercise that I was proposing.  I told him that surely he could, and I didn’t see why he was getting all upset before we even started.

He grumped his way through the entire exercise, with tears, and frustration, and anger.  Made a whopping 3 mistakes which, had he been calm, probably wouldn’t have happened.

Mikhail melted during writing because there was simply not enough space given for him to write his sentences.  Of course, he didn’t tell me this, just went to tears.  When I figured it out, I dashed up to the handy-dandy printer and printed off some lined paper and he happily wrote out all he wanted.

Goofy kid.

Their reading is coming along slow and sure.

Oh, but the kids had an absolute blast playing this indoor balloon game they made up.  They came up with it whilst I was down doing laundry and it sounded as if they would certainly break through the floor / ceiling that divided us.  (And that truly is a possibility in this house.)

Oh, and I played checkers with them both last night, and then they played with their brothers.  It’s funny to me how they seem to have a game of the week.

Subject * Notes
English  *  reading, writing, phonics
Math  *  Lesson 119-1120
Social Studies+  *  Bible
The “Arts”    
PE  *  balloon game
Life Skills    


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