I have decided that other people just generally don’t have the same night-time issues we have.

So last night I was awakened by the high-pitched, staccato, scream of “Mama!”

I do not know that I could identify what “blood-curdling” is (I think of it as one of those long, drawn out horror screams), but this scream was heart-stopping to be sure.

In fact, this scream gave me the immediate impression that some ax murderer was in my children’s room.  (Recall my propensity to suspect the worse.)

And those stupid car ads that say o-60 mph in 2.8 seconds (or whatever)?  Man, they have nothing on the speed I was able to achieve last night!

I was met on the stairs by both my younger children who were running down in intense horror to safety.  In fact, I had to grab them both before they keeled down the stairs.

Mikhail was the first to gather himself and informed me that he was awake.  (This is apropros from him as he was prone to night-terrors.)  He also informed me that the only reason why he was running was because Garrett had screamed causing him to wake up in terror.

It took longer to settle Garrett down.  When I finally did it was to discover that Mikhail had coughed.

I’m letting that one sink in for a sec.

Mikhail had coughed.

And that was the reason for the scream of utter, sheer terror that had awakened me from sleep and was now causing me to wonder exactly where my heart had disappeared to, because I was certainly not feeling it thumping.

All because Mikhail had COUGHED.

But, Garrett was afraid that Mikhail was choking.   (Remember Mikhail had choked on a hard candy earlier this week.)

I had to remind Garrett that sometimes coughing is, well, just coughing.  And while it’s good that he was paying attention he should give it a sec to determine whether or not it is just a cough or something more serious.

I was back in bed at 0122, after tucking the little ones back in their beds, still wondering where my heart had disappeared to and praying that it would soon return before my body discovered it was missing.

Oh, and by the way, the other three family members were totally sleeping through all of the terror of the moment.

This leads me to suspect that it is true that “boys drool and girls rule”. . .which is probably what caused Mikhail to cough in the first place.

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