Day 61 — July 21

School did not go well today.

Mikhail had a bad attitude from the get-go and it just got worse.  His work mirrored his attitude as well.

Drew’s Air Force appt. went okay.  The recruiter sounded like a goober. . .  But, we verified that the requirements for entrance were the same.  Oh, and we found out that the recruitment is different for the Air Force.  As far as we can determine, based on what the recruiter said, Air Force recruiters are just glorified schedulers.  They just schedule to send you to MEPS and you do everything there.  The MEPS people tell you about the jobs.

Course then he told Drew that you sign for your job there, that day.  He also says that he won’t send anyone there unless he knows they are willing to sign (regardless of whether or not they get the job they want).

Like I said, a goober.

Subject * Notes
Math  *  word problems
Social Studies+  *  Bible
The “Arts”    
PE  *  swimming
Life Skills    


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