Day 62 — July 22

My best friend was talking to me this a.m. and informed me that she decided to clean out her craft closet last night.  And because of that “simple” act she discovered a crystal formation kit she forgot she had so she and the kids worked on that till way late.

Then, she calls me later on in the a.m. and says, “Okay, I’m giving you 30 seconds to decide.  You can either send the kids down here to do crystal experiments, or I could send the experiments to you.  If you don’t want to do either of those I’m chucking it all in the trash.”

So, we went down to her house for experiments.

After the experiments were over and we were just sitting there chatting, she leaves and comes back with 3 books. 

“Christine, I bought these books a while ago, and I just never read them.  But, whenever I pick them up I think to myself how great they are so I can’t get rid of them.  So, I thought I would loan them to you for a while and that way they are taking up 2 inches on your bookshelves rather than on mine.”

In fact, this kind of exchange is so common our husbands now joke about it.  Whenever we say we are going to clear off our shelves it is almost guaranteed the books will simply end up in the other’s house for a while.

These are the kind of books right up my alley!  Love ’em!  You can go ahead and laugh right now as they are books of lists.

In fact, I took the first one to the pool and our group of friends did indeed laugh when I pulled them out. . .But then I showed them the beauty of these books.

They are FANTASTIC conversation starters.

Not that my group of friends need any help with conversations. . .

Truly, at the end of the evening I was made to promise that I’ll bring that book back to the pool so we can hit some more lists.  Oh, and it’s not that we agreed with every list in there, or even read every list (i.e. the dating section held no interest for us), but a lot of them are fantastic for learning about others.  The book even “bridged the generation gap” a few times as a number of the teens came over and imparted their thoughts on different matters too.  Even cooler than that. . .I saw some of the kids LISTENING to the adults.

Yep, you can just close your mouth now. . .cuz if you have one of those web-cam thingies in your computer you just never know who may be watching, and you don’t want to be caught with your mouth hanging open.  (Totally joking about that; I don’t have any paranoid tendencies. . .)


Oh gosh!  Today is Thursday, which is our pot-luck day.  (And I managed to get desserts again, so I was able to swing that, but you all can feel free to give me some great pot-luck recipes. . .) 

Anyway, we get a call at lunch time from one of the families.  The husband suffered a head injury and was en route to the hospital.  The man got 9 staples in his noggin, and still showed up for the pot-luck AND was CHIPPER!  For the record, he pulled a “Jay” and had an accident involving a ladder.

(I had the camera with me tonight and got oodles of pictures, and this man is smiling in every single one!)


The Army recruiter is suddenly very “perky”.  He’s called Drew twice today and on the first call told Drew he didn’t think that Drew would need those 15 college credits after all.  The second phone call came this evening while we were out.  Drew will be calling him tomorrow so it will be interesting to find out what is said.

Subject * Notes
Science * crystal formation
Social Studies+    
The “Arts”    
PE * swimming
Life Skills    


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