Day 68 — July 28

I’m having to write this the following morning.

My email was hacked!  I’m having a problem remembering what we did yesterday as I got a phone call at dinner informing me that I had sent a friend a link to something related to Viagra. . .

Course, my friend knew it wasn’t me, because she looked at the time stamp and realized it was sent at the same time she and I were talking at the pool.

Anyway, thanks to her I was able to stop a bit of the damage, and my entire address book wasn’t used. . .Ugggh.

Oh, but this particular friend asked me to help her pick paint for her bedroom.  She likes all the rooms I’ve decorated and wants some help with hers.  Nice compliment, nearly impossible job.  Because she needs to purchase the paint today, and I can’t get to her house to *see* the room.  She sent pictures so we’ll see how that goes.

There was this twit at the pool.  Some punk kid that’s in that between stage of child and wanna be man.  He kicked the little guys’ soccer ball over the fence and refused to get it.  Which wound up requiring Mikhail and I trekking through the brush to get it.  I wonder when it will dawn on the boy that “manhood” is greater than an age.  It was a good lesson for Mikhail though.

We spent 3+ hours at the pool.

Oh, and last night I signed the boys up for a week-long soccer camp.  (It is only 1.5 hours every day.)  They are now all excited for that.

As I mentioned, I’m having to write this post the day after. . .

And I can tell you that today’s post (that I will write at day’s end) has some sort of news to go in it already!


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One comment on “Day 68 — July 28

  1. Stephen L. says:

    Sometimes those punks just need a firm smack! Shame his parents weren’t there.

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