Day 69 — July 29

 I mentioned I had news for the day.  Well, indeed I do!

Drew had to wake up at 0430 this a.m. to meet the recruiter to go take yet another test.  This test the recruiter doesn’t seem to know about other than it might make Drew more eligible for entry as a Tier 2 entrant.  Seems silly to me given all his other test scores. . .

Anyway, Drew was back around 1000 and informed us that it appeared to be yet another personality test.  And we are back into the hurry up and wait mode.

Tyler, on the other hand, woke up regular time and went with Jay to the DMV (department of motor vehicles).  He took and passed his driver’s exam (for his learner’s permit)!

Then, in the afternoon, he made a call. . .  Well, I’ll save that news for a couple of days.  😉

Yesterday, it looked horribly stormy in the morning, which sent a number of people into a frantic frenzy as Thursdays are our pot-luck days at the pool.  In the end the plan was made that in case of rain we would just have the pot-luck at my house.

Which sent the boys and I scurrying around trying to bring the house into some sort of order.

And it did rain!  A good rain.  A nice, cooling, rain. . .

Then, it stopped and the humidity picked up.  At 1500 it was decided that it would still be held at the pool.  At 1600 it was decided that no, it was going to be at my house.  And, at 1700 my house was overrun with 30+ people.

Life is good.

Subject * Notes
Social Studies+    
The “Arts”    
PE  *  an immense amount of running out-of-doors
Socialization  *  being good hosts
Life Skills  *  driver’s exam, house cleaning.


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