Day 72 — Aug. 1


Well, the morning was spent at church, then we had a friend over for the afternoon. 

Went to the pool.  It was cold and boring there, but I was able to get the “light” science that I’m doing with the boys this year scheduled.  (Since they are doing science in the co-op I thought we’d have more of a fun type science going on this year.)

Little guys are currently in bed; older boys should be arriving home from youth group in just a few minutes.

Tyler went driving for a bit yesterday evening (his first time behind the wheel).  He and Drew had a good time talking about their first times this morning en route to church.

I’m exhausted, and not making much sense. . .

Subject * Notes
Social Studies+  *  Bible
The “Arts”    
PE  *  swimming / soccer
Life Skills    

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