Day 73 — Aug. 2

(Writing this the next morning and Drew keeps interrupting me. . .)

It was rainy yesterday, so no pool time.  They day was quite hectic too until about 1400 simply due to appointments that people had to run.

Drew had his first ever filling in the a.m.  He was very cranky about that.  The recruiter called him later in the day and asked for some more information (thus the reason for the constant interruptions now).

I spent the morning with two other co-op members trying to finalize the co-op membership roster and figure out the class schedules (again).  Supposedly we had done all this back in May, but there have been some changes. . .

In the afternoon, some friends came over for games.  Tyler and I played spades with the Mom and oldest daughter, and the little guys played Monopoly with the younger daughter.

Then, it was dinner and the little ones were off to soccer camp.  Mikhail was so looking forward to this — waking up way too early in the a.m.  According to him, he wouldn’t need a team, only perhaps Garrett in order to win any game.  Garrett was a bit anxious about the whole thing.

Of course, after returning each of them were singing a different tune.  Mikhail was near tears. (I believe due to waking up so early and thus being exhausted.)  Garrett absolutely off-the-wall excited for day 2.  (Guess who’s up way to early this morning?)

Subject * Notes
Social Studies+    
The “Arts”    
PE  *  soccer
Socialization  *  proper game etiquette
Life Skills    

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