I am up

ridiculously early this morning.

I know better than to allow myself to dwell contemplate bad days.

So, now I’m up at oh-dark-thirty with something hardly anyone would count as “restful sleep” last night.  Oh, and it appears my body is forming a stress-induced fever blister.  Lovely.

I had rolled out of bed with the thought that I could at least use this time to get some stuff done, except I am now realizing that the majority of the stuff I need to do is rather “loud”.  So, it is waiting for me until the family wakes up.

I have company coming over this morning.  I keep telling myself this is a good thing. . .

But I refuse to be completely gloomy this morning!  I refuse it, I say!

Last night a friend went shopping with me for fabric.  I’m perfectly fine when it comes to colors, or a single pattern, but I’ve been on the hunt for multiple patterns (to create a quilt) with no success.  Enter said friend.

We had to buy 6 pieces of fabric, each a different color, and each a different pattern.  In less than 30 minutes she had me set.  I am just completely amazed.  It will be great fun to see how this turns out.

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One comment on “I am up

  1. se7en says:

    Oh Quilt Away – I am dying to make my kids quilts but too terrified to choose fabric… I just can’t make the first step… and then I will blink and my oldest child will have left home… Oh inspire me!!!

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