Day 78 — Aug. 7

Once upon a time Drew was 4 years old, and going to public school (Pre-K) on a bus that had kids from Pre-K age all the way through highschool.

So, it should surprise no-one that at one point during that year Drew came home with THE question.

And because we were completely ignorant in these things, Jay and I told him. . .EVERYTHING. 

The poor kid has been warped ever since.

Actually, for the record, it was Jay that did the talking as I was honestly too immature for such of topic with my 4-year-old.  And, it is due to the fact (Jay laying it all out there), that I am now the one to explain the birds and the bees to our kiddoes.

So, nowadays we give a “simplified” version.

Tyler likes to explain it this way:

“The mommy and the daddy love each other very much, so they had a long talk.  Then the daddy plants a seed in mommy, and the mommy waters it every day.  The baby grows in mommy for about ten months and the pops out *pop* like a carrot, head first.”

This is not quite the explanation we gave the kids. . .but I did use the word “seed” rather than “sperm” and Tyler found that hilarious and made up this little rendition himself.

Except, Tyler found this so funny and he repeated his story so many times and the little guys have this weird idea about S*E*X now.

Which now leads to questions of, “How does the Daddy get the seed?”  And, “Where does he plant it?”  “Does it get enough light?”

and so on. . .

Gotta love older siblings. . .

Thus it was that I was again explained the S*E*X concept to little people this evening.  (This will require re-visitation, I’m sure, as they are so sure Tyler’s story is quite accurate.)

I can’t determine if that counts as “health” or “science”. . .

Other than that, we just spent time cleaning house and going to the pool today.

Subject * Notes
Science  *  sex ed.
Social Studies+    
The “Arts”    
PE  *  swimming / soccer
Life Skills  *  house cleaning


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