Day 82 — Aug. 11

I had told the family before they left that I was going to clean the house from top to bottom while they were gone.  The idea being that I could, for once, actually enjoy a clean house for a period of time.

As everyone knows that clean houses are complete magnets to anything dirty.

Well, Monday I was out all day with a friend.  I figure I’m due a girls’ day out every once in a while.

And Tuesday, I was sitting there looking at the job ahead of me. . .and decided NOPE, not gonna do that.

Actually, it dawned on me that I still had to schedule the boys’ schoolwork for this year.  And while cleaning with kids can be trying; it is much more easily accomplished than scheduling.

So, I’ve been sitting at the computer, working like a fiend, to get this scheduling done.  I’m almost done with the little guys’ schedule.  Their schedule is the most difficult, as all of it is from scratch.  Tyler’s schedule will essentially be piecing together all the single subject schedules I have.

Last night whilst walking the dog we turned the corner in front of our house only to discover that it was occupied by 2 girls.  (Actually, it was because of the two girls hanging out suspiciously in front of my house that I determined to come in the front door.)  Except, those two girls were attached to leashes, and on one of those leashes was an obese white bull-dog.  At which point, I “reeled in” (retractable leash) Inigo and turned tail.  Because, I know, there is a massive Rottweiler attached to the other leash, and that dog has it out for mine.

Sure enough, the dog caught wind of Inigo and immediately tried to lunge at him.  Luckily, the walker had allowed the dog into my yard (tramping through my bushes), and he got himself all tangled up and was unable to get to us before we were safely inside (via the back door).  My hand is cut up from that leash though.

For the record, that girl has no business walking a dog she can’t control, and I REALLY want to grab her and rub her face in the mess her dogs left IN MY YARD.

*deep breath*

But, I’m letting it go. . .

The boys seemed to have a blast at Great Grandma’s.  They visited the state house, and learned all sorts of interesting facts.  They also went to the county fair and had a great time there.

Drew says county fairs represent everything he hates in life:  making decisions (which ride), feeling dizzy, and feeling scared.

Of course, I won’t have any pictures of any of this, because my husband is completely rebelling against the fact that I sent him with the old camera.  (The new camera is smaller and easier to travel with.  It is also a higher quality, and more expensive.)  And, my husband’s problem is that he has a history of leaving high-value dollar items just lying around, particularly in public places.

Thus, he has the old camera, and he’s pouting about it (and, apparently, refusing to take pictures).

*sigh* This is the first time Garrett and Mikhail have ever been to a county fair.

Subject * Notes
Social Studies+  *  NE statehouse tour  (Drew says the floor mosaics are spectactular.)
The “Arts”    
Life Skills    
“Other”  *  field trip to county fair


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