Day 83 — Aug. 12

Okay, so I had mentioned that I had spent Wed. scheduling.  The plan was at least finish the little guys’ schedule today, and possibly work on Tyler’s.

That was the plan.

Except, when I sat down I remembered our upcoming vacation we have scheduled for the beach.  And that reminded me of a lapbook / unit I have on beach studies.  So, I went to my handy-dandy file and pulled it up. . .

And that unit is. . .junk.

So, I gathered all my beach books together and went over to my friend’s house.  She’s an amazing woman who can look at a book and within mere minutes have an entire list of mini-book ideas down.

She did not disappoint.

Thus it was I spent 2 hours in the afternoon finding websites to go along with the information she and I had gleaned from the kids’ books.  Until I remembered I was supposed to be scheduling.

I had lost my focus though, so it wasn’t near as productive as it should have been.  (Meaning I’m not done with the little guys’ schedule.)

The day kicked up some pretty severe storms. . .

Oh, I lost my focus because I had not only gone into beach unit development mode, I had also gone into planning mode for the vacation the family is supposed to be going on.

“Supposed to be?”  You may ask.

“Yes,” I said, “supposed to be.”

Because I was to pick up my boys last night at the airport from their little jaunt to celebrate Great Grandma’s birthday.  And pick them up I did, though a little late due to the rains.

And we were back home safe and sound by 2311.

And at 2313 we hear Jay from the basement hollerin’, “The basement is flooded!”

And as if that wasn’t enough, he proceeded to holler the same fact at least 3 other times.

When I finally got down there it was to find Jay hanging like a monkey from one of the basement’s supporting beams, amidst a “sea” of dirty water at least 3 inches deep.

Because, apparently, our sump-pump had gotten tired of working in the 5 hours between the last time I had been downstairs and this time.  (It had actually “tripped” the fuse, and we don’t have a battery back-up.)

Now, because I couldn’t see the point of hanging from a beam, I stepped in the water to see what could be done. . .

It wasn’t till much later that Jay informed me that he hadn’t stepped in the water because he had recalled plugging in electrical cords that would have been submerged.

No warning from him at the time though. . .

So, my crew pulled it together and spent the next hour bailing out the basement.

I finally thought to take pictures when we were about 1/2 way through.

In all honesty, my crew is AWESOME at that!  They just pull themselves together and get to work and I don’t get a gripe from them.  They can even find things to laugh about whilst working.

A shoe adrift in a sea of muck.

So, our vacation is currently on hold.  I don’t  have a clue if it is just on hold for today, or “a while”, or indefinitely. . .

almost done!

I do know that basement is about to get the cleaning of its life!


Subject * Notes
Social Studies+    
The “Arts”    
Socialization  *  visiting extended family
Life Skills  *  home joys


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