Day 85 — Aug. 14

This will be short, as I’m tired and I’m jam-packed!

Today the boys worked on clearing out the rest of the basement. 

I did laundry, and finished scheduling all the pieces / parts of the little guys’ schedule FOR THE YEAR.


That means, when I return all I have to do is put the pieces / parts into one single file, print it off and the little guys’ are as good as done for the year.

As they will merely have to do the actual work that has been scheduled.


And then I have to schedule Tyler’s year. . .but most of his pieces / parts are already scheduled (due to the fact that he’s following Drew).

“When you return?”  You ask.

“When I return,” I say.

Because I am now going on vacation with an entirely different cast than originally intended.

Due to the basement flood, Jay and the older boys are staying here.  So, I am going “by myself” with the little guys. . .

And since we suddenly are going to have some extra room, I thought I would invite some friends.  Thus, Lit’l Bit and Paige are going to join us.

Just me and 4 kids!

Wait, that’s not so unusual. . .

“See ya”, in a week!

Subject * Notes
Social Studies+    
The “Arts”    
Life Skills  *  clean-up

One comment on “Day 85 — Aug. 14

  1. se7en says:

    I am sorry about your basement … sorry, sorry, sorry… and hope you have the most fabulous holiday!!! Lots of love!!!

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