Day 86 — Aug. 15

Let’s see, it is probably best to introduce you to the crew that went with me on this trip.  So you have an idea of who I’m talking about.

I’ll start with my offspring:

Garrett, age 8

Mikhail, age 7

Now, if you will recall the night that Jay and the boys returned home from their trip, we had a basement flood.  This was supposed to be a family vacation, but due to the flood Jay and the older boys stayed home.  So, since we had some extra room I decided to invite some friends.  (I cleared this with our hostess first, of course.)

Thus, we then added:

Lit’l Bit, age 13

Paige, age 9

This was the crew that accompanied me.

This is me, and I’m only including this picture so you don’t think I’m some weird ghost person.   (Although, I never take good pictures, and you may think I’m a ghost regardless.)

This vacation is the result of an invitation from a friend to visit them at their “beach house” for a week.  So, you will note another group of kids in the following days as well.

  Therefore, let us begin. . .

The day began well enough.  I mean considering the stress of the previous days.

I had intended to leave the house by 0700, but in the end it was closer to 0720.  Even then, it was for a mere block’s travel to pick up Lit’l Bit and Paige.  So, by the time we left town it was closer to 0745.

That said we had terrific travel conditions.  Not a lick of trouble; or insane traffic.  We arrived at our destination at ~ 1430.  Not bad at all.  And within mere minutes I had “lost” all but 1 child.

I mean, I was told they were going to look around, I just didn’t realize the free rein with which they would choose to wonder.  Our friend’s family own this farm along with beach front property and we were invited to stay in one of the bungalows.  She and her family are in another bungalow next door.  Thus, her children, who are well acquainted with the area just grabbed my crew and went off.

(A discussion was later had amongst my crew regarding the “house rules” of children not wondering off without my fore-knowledge of their whereabouts.)

Ah, but we were taken to pick fresh white peaches — YUM! — and fresh blackberries.  This picking was done with Lit’l Bit (the one child who was not lost).  She is most certainly not a farmer!  Anytime she saw a bee or any other creepy crawly thing she would screech and jump.  She desperately hates bees (spiders are a close second).  And she would refuse to eat the freshly picked fruit; instead awaiting our return home to wash it.

Don’t let the picture fool ya, she wasn’t anywhere close to pickin’ anything!

I think she summed up her ideal picking method best when she said she’d happily go to the store and pick up a pretty basket to give to someone else to fill up for her.

We finally found all the kids and got together with our friends for a fish grill-out of swordfish, salmon and tilapia.  Farm fresh corn and tomatoes too.

Then, we took a gander down the beach.  I even was presented with more than a couple of opportunities to impress our hosts with my seashell knowledge.  (Although, I readily informed them that I had gained this knowledge just days prior.)

Finally, we got back to the bungalow and I spent the next hour “nesting”.  It was late and we were all tired, but we read a book and went to bed.  Didn’t take too long for everyone to crash.

This book is from my childhood, so it’s a little worse for wear.


Subject * Notes
English  The Bear’s Vacation (literature)
Science  *  pollinization by bees.
Social Studies+    
The “Arts”    
PE  *  running helter, skelter and yon
Socialization  *  totally socialization!
Life Skills  *  keeping Mom sane by informing her of your whereabouts

One comment on “Day 86 — Aug. 15

  1. se7en says:

    We have that book – one of our all time favorites!!! Sounds like a very fun time!!!

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