Day 87 — Aug. 16

Woke up this morning to a somewhat peaceful house.  The night had been filled with odd noises, as is typical in a new location.  One of them was Garrett who continually seemed to be beating up the wall by his bed.

The day was set up to be gray and drab, but that would not put a damper on our day.  Well, except for Mikhail who woke up not feeling so well.  Began pushing water on the kids but they were fighting it because they said it smelled fishy and it is highly aerated.

Kids played games after breakfast while I did morning chores.  They also read a book:

 Amelia and Beryl showed up and we all took an amble to “sea-glass city”.  Lit’l Bit had read about sea-glass and was on the hunt for some.  (However, by the end of the morning she decided she wanted small seashells instead.)  Found all sorts of neat things. . .

Just a group shot

Amelia found this pristine horseshoe crab shell.  (Others were found too, just not in as good a condition.)

Beryl with some sort of crab we have yet to identify.

Whelk egg casing (We believe it to be a channel whelk.)

It was nearly low tide and I think all of us managed to cut our feet in one fashion or another.

We came home, made lunch and whilst it was cooking Paige found a small hermit crab in the surf outside our bungalow. 

Paige’s hermit crab.

This made Beryl rather jealous.  (In fact, she got down right mopey and refused to talk to anyone until she found a hermit crab herself.)

Thus, after lunch it was on the beach in an altogether different direction (towards “the point”).  And, what luck!  We found the mother lode of hermit crabs.

Each child found at least this many. . .

Now, of course, all the kids somehow know someone who has had a hermit crab at some time in the past.  Therefore, all of them wanted to keep the hermits as pets and take them home.

This lead to a brilliant discussion, led by yours truly, on the merits of a natural environment vs. a created one.

Do you know that I managed to NOT say, “There is no way you’re bringing that creature into my house!”  Yet, after our discussion all the kids decided to only keep one hermit crab, each, for the day and release all the others.  Then, at the end of the day they would release the one back to his home. 

Better yet, that is precisely what happened and everyone was filled with fond thoughts of finding more “hermies” on the morrow.

Also found periwinkles all over and was impressed with the “foot”.

Had a delightful light dinner of fruit, veggies and pasta down at our friend’s bungalow and then returned home to read a chapter of

before tucking the kid in bed.  My guys desperately needed some shut-eye so I had managed to get them showered before reading and in bed afterward.

The girls come from a “night-owl” family where 11 p.m. bedtimes aren’t out of the norm for them in the summertime.  So, they went for an evening walk with the other family and thankfully my guys didn’t even notice they were gone.

When the girls return it was full of tales of the wonders they had seen — moon jellies.  But they settled down quick enough and were asleep in short order.  I think I was awake a mere 5 minutes after they.

Subject * Notes
English  *  Baby Island
Science  *  Pearlie Oyster, sea glass, sea creatures
Social Studies+    
The “Arts”    
PE  *  all the walking / clambering, etc.
Socialization  *  totally covered
Life Skills  *  keeping hydrated — many discussions throughout the week


2 comments on “Day 87 — Aug. 16

  1. Mom says:

    maybe a leopard crab?

  2. se7en says:

    Awesome – Totally love the hermit crabs!!!

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