Day 89 — Aug. 18

I finally got a decent night’s sleep last night and awoke to a quiet house full of sleeping kids.  I even managed my 1st cup of coffee in this peace.  The day was proving to be overcast and cool.  Perfect conditions for people to sleep in.

In fact, I had to wake Garrett and Mikhail as we had plans for the day. We were set to drive with our friends as well as another family to a beach on the ocean.  (We have had the benefit of a private beach on the bay.)

Thus, we set off at 0945.  (We were supposed to leave at 0900, but I’ve discovered the people around here have a different sense of time.)

The ocean was freezing and rough.  Only a section of the beach was open for swimming due to rip currents, but the kids made the best of it.  (I think they had a blast.)  We also looked for different treasures . . .and we found them!  “Mermaid’s purses”, different seaweeds, different types of sea shells.

Mermaid’s Purse

We think this is a moon snail shell.

broken sand dollar

Two major differences that we took note of was the lack of slipper and jingle shells as well as the difficulty in finding completely intact shells.

Sea gull tracks

Sand castle construction

The plan was to only stay a couple of hours and get back home in time for lunch. . .

I did mention the whole time-warp thing that seems to have infected the natives, right?

We didn’t make it home till 1430!  So, I made a quick stop at the grocery store en route and we had a lunch of apple and strawberry turnovers (fruit and bread) as well as potato chips (veggies).  The kids are so completely impressed by my culinary skills!  (And my ability to stick it all squarely into the food pyramid.)  They’ve been talking about it all afternoon.

We read:

The little bit of afternoon was had left was spent meandering the beach, and trying to identify the massive collection of shells that we have. 

We used this book to try to identify our shells, but I have to say “field guides” frustrate me to no end. . .

Then, our friends joined us for dinner and added fresh cantaloupe, tomatoes, and peaches as sides to our chicken alfredo.  I feel that more than made up for the poor lunch quality.

Then, we took another walk along the beach and discovered invaders!  Honest to goodness strangers that had sailed to “our” part of the bay, set anchor and came ashore!  It was so weird to see strangers here. 

It was a beautiful sunset night and I hope the pictures came out.  The only problem was the bugs were horrendous.  Little gnats just nipping at every millimeter of exposed flesh.


We made it back inside, alive — albeit quite eaten up — and everyone had a quick shower.  Then, I recalled the jiff-pop popcorn I had brought so we munched on that before I started reading some more from Baby Island.  We managed 2 chapters again tonight.  I desperately need to pick up the pace or we’ll never finish this book.

Oh, I do want to mention (again) that Lit’l Bit is terrified of creepy crawlies.  I mean, she squeals and jumps and grabs you with a death grip to use as a human shield at every bloomin’ creature.  Heaven forbid it should be a bee or a spider!  I won’t be a bit surprised to discover myself covered with bruises by the end of the week from all this grabbing.

Yet, tonight she killed a moth single-handedly!  And with her bare foot to boot.  (She’s a bit of a “germ-o-phobe” too, so I’m quite certain that foot was scrubbed rather vigorously.)

Talked on the phone with Tyler tonight and he told me a tale of a bat. . .

Seems another bat had made it into the house and Tyler discovered it upstairs in the little guys’ room.  So Tyler, Jay and Drew all went up there to catch the critter, but it eluded there every attempt. . .Except they wore it out, so in desperation it “took roost” right on the front of Drew’s shirt!

And do you know those goobers did not take a picture of that???!  Instead Jay removed it, gently, from the shirt and released it outside.

Unhappy bat right before release.

Also, we found out one of our friends fractured a vertebrate just two days ago.  Seems they won’t have to operate, so that is good.  I’m sure the kid is in great pain though.

I’m quite certain I’m missing a great number of details about the day, but I”m exhausted and off to bed.

Subject * Notes
English  *  Baby Island
Science  *  shell identification, Starfish, Seashells, and Crabs
Social Studies+  *  differences in a bay and ocean, rip currents
The “Arts”  *  sand castle building
PE  *  running, playing, “swimming”, etc.
Socialization  *  becoming rather a common thing, isn’t it?
Life Skills  *  paying attention to posted signs and lifeguard instructions

One comment on “Day 89 — Aug. 18

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m seeing different pictures than the disk I got of the trip. (Lil Bit with a sand castle for example)

    So, you are now the beast at unit studies. You’ve got the hang of categorizing every minute of your trip.

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