Day 90 — Aug. 19

Jay’s birthday! 

This was one reason that I almost didn’t come on this trip when I discovered he was going to stay home.  We decided to celebrate upon our return, but just the same I would have much preferred being with him.

The day started at 0624.  Somehow the girls beat the boys awake.  Mikhail didn’t even get up till 0800.  We managed till about 0900 before our friends came over. 

Have to say that I’m starting to see signs of strain amongst my crew.   There are stresses at work here and I won’t fool myself into thinking all is well within my crew.  Yet, they managed to deal with it quite well, all in all.

This morning we read a book:

as well as another book:

I have to say I really enjoy the above book for its artistry and little “tidbits” as seen below:

This (the two books) caused us to decide to do a science experiment.  So the kids ran out to the bay to collect some water which we then boiled down to salt.

After grabbing some bay water we set up our stuff just like a book suggested.  One pan to boil the water, the lid for the water to condense in, and then the plate to collect the “rain water” (condensation from the lid).

For the record, I’ve never had an experiment go exactly like they say it will.  The “rain water” was suppose to taste fresh, but it was quite salty. . .

Just so you know, salt “pops” like popcorn when hot.  This experiment made quite a mess.

Salt in the bottom of the pan and on the spatula.

There is a heck of a lot of salt in this water!  I mean, we read that there is approximately 1/3 tsp. salt per cup of water, but we did 6 cups of water and came out with at least 4 tsp. of salt!  Of course, we read another thing that was discussing the water cycle and that because of that the oceans are getting saltier over time. . .Interesting stuff!

We then spent some time on the beach before lunch just playing and relaxing.

After lunch some of the kids trooped back to “sea-glass city” while some stayed back with me and played card games.  At one point I went with my friend and started some laundry.  Then, when we got back we were back outside for some more relaxed play. 

Don’t have a clue what type of fish these are.  They would fall under the heading of “minnows” in my book.

We thought to determine the strength of various shells.  We lined up a crab shell, razor clam shell, angel wings, jingle shells, slipper shells, scallop shells, clam shell and oyster shells.  We hypothesized which would be easy to break and which wouldn’t and then had one person step on them each.  We were surprised at the strength of some shells (jingle shells for example) vs. the fragility of others (crab shell).  Don’t ask me how, but I simply forgot to take pictures of this. . .

Dinner was simple fare of leftovers and / or sandwiches.  Then we read 5 chapters of Baby Island.

(Noticing a theme of reading for the day.)

Paige was looking at my journal, and asked why I have the “day *such-and-such*” at the top of all my entries.  I explained to her the 365 days of school / year premise on my blog and she just made a face.  She was especially horrified to learn that this whole “vacation” was really just a massive field trip.  However, when I started talking about what we had been learning and doing and seeing and how it applied to school she totally started to get into it.  “Remember, Mrs. Christine, the fabulous lunch we had the other day. . . ”  She still claims “school is no fun”, but she hasn’t griped hardly at all on this trip. . .

I had promised the boys a look-see at the moon-jellies at night so we went for a walk at dusk to “the point”.  (Our bungalow is approximately mid-way between “the point” and “sea-glass city”.)  I think the boys were expecting something so much more. . .  However, they enjoyed the experience anyway.  Sadly, my camera refused to register anything of the experience, except the following.

After taking our time to explore and even some show and tell to some people walking the beach we started home.  I mad the mistake of pointing out something crawling along the beach to Lit’l Bit and she completely freaked out.  It did not help one little bit that Garrett chose that exact moment to run up from behind to scare her.

She has been tightly strung and close to hysterics ever since.  In fact, she went to bed in tears.


Our return was chaotic as our friends came over.  It’s 2100 and I’m trying to figure out how to politely / tactfully tell them to go.  Not coming up with any solution to this problem I decided to call home and was able to talk to the older two boys.

Drew says that as of this morning he has a “reservation” to be a “cryptologic linguist” in the Army.  He keeps asking me if he’s making the right decision. . .

Tyler is calling back the YMCA regarding a job as a lifeguard.  They are looking for off-season employees and said they may be able to use him, but to call back at the end of this week / next week to see if they will take him.

Jay seems to have enjoyed his birthday.  So, I guess all is well with the family over-all.

I’m exhausted!



Subject * Notes
English  *  Baby Island
Science  *  Follow the Water from the Brook to the Ocean, Seashore Surprises, salt water experiment, moon jellies, shell strength (physics), water cycle
Social Studies+    
The “Arts”    
PE  *  walking, swimming, etc.
Socialization  *  6 kids, 3 families. . .
Life Skills  *  getting along


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