Day 91 — Aug. 20

This morning I had a bit of quiet time, but not much.  The kids are starting to wear on each other, but I think a good part of it was from lack of sleep.  Anyway, there was a great deal of squabbling going on.

This morning we read:

Thinking I should have pulled this out more towards the beginning of the week, but. . .

Of course we spent some time out exploring again.

This is that unknown “freckled” crab (that my mom suggested might be a leopard crab — still haven’t been able to verify that).  Oh, but this one is alive.

We suspect these bubbles are being created by clams that have dug underground

This was a special find!  A real live barnacle.  We were even privy to watching it feed.  It’s next to impossible to see in this picture, but you could actually see its “feet” coming out to collect food.

I informed the kids that today was the cleaning day.  (We have to clean our bungalow before we vacate it.)  I then explained the principle of always leaving a place better than you found it (a principle instilled in me from my mother).

My crew completely rocked at this!  I mean, we even dusted!  AND I didn’t hear a single gripe from any of them.  Not one!  Tomorrow we will have the last bits to do, but then it’s off for home. 

Lit’l Bit volunteered to do the kitchen rather than the bathroom.  Course, after she started she determined it had never been done before. . .

I have to admit, but I would be ecstatic

to NEVER have to deal with sand again!

I even took some time this afternoon to introduce everyone to smoked oysters.  Well, everyone except Lit’l Bit, who refused.  Everyone seemed to like them even though there were a great number who were “concerned”. 

(My kids had been secretly hoping that the others would hate them. . .)

We finished Baby IslandWell, all but Mikhail who fell asleep partway through.

It’ll be soooooo good to get back home!

Subject * Notes
English  *  Baby Island
Science  *  What Lives in a Shell? barnacles, crabs, clams, etc.
Social Studies+    
The “Arts”    
PE  *  walking, swimming, everything else
Socialization  *  I think the whole socialization thing is getting to be too much!
Life Skills  *  trying new foods, keeping a home tidy even if it’s not for you.


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