Day 92 — Aug. 21

There just really isn’t a lot to say about this day.  It was our departure day and planned departure was for 0800.

Actual departure was closer to 0840. . .I need to work out this difference.

We even had someone come see us off.  (Look at the top of the tree.)  The pictures are “odd” due to the fac that it was taken through the window screen. 

I’m thinking a type of crane. . .

One of our first major turns we missed. . .twice.  Note to all governments; particularly departments of transportation:

If Google Maps (or any other mapping system) would use a name for a road in your precinct, it does everyone a lot of good if you actually have a sign WITH that name on it at that road.

Because, and I know this seems silly, the people who live there. . .they don’t NEED directions!  And those that don’t live there don’t have a clue without those signs.

FYI:  “East Main Street” DOES NOT have a sign.

Other notable items of the day:

  1. We waited in line for FORTY MINUTES to get gas!  I mean, REALLY?!
  2. We identified 28 state’s, 1 District and 2 Canadian province’s license plates. . .
  3. Our trip took 3.5 hours longer than it was supposed to.
  4. Oh, and truly, “There’s no place like home!”


Subject * Notes
Social Studies+  *  geography (state identifications)
The “Arts”    
Socialization  *  patience
Life Skills  *  patience (again)
“Other”  *  Econ. — supply and demand


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