Day 95 — Aug. 24

Drew got a phone call from the recruiter last night saying he needed to come in for another test today.  This is the DLAB, which is a “language test”.  He came home later and said it was all gobbly-gook and he guessed at most of it, but he scored well enough for any category of language.

So, at this point, he is currently following in Jay and my’s footsteps. . . I don’t quite know how I feel about all of this yet

He had a couple of hours at home this afternoon before he had to turn around again.  He has to go spend the night on post tonight for his early start tomorrow at MEPS.  Supposedly, tomorrow is his day of signing.

Don’t quite know how I feel about that, either.

The little guys went down to play at Paige’s house this a.m. and then Jay took all 3 of them to the pool this afternoon.  All of this was intended so that I could get some work done. . .

Er, I’m caught up on laundry.

Tyler went to a friend’s (Lynn) soccer game.  According to rumor her team was playing a fantastic opponent who would utterly cream them.  It was a lesson in listening to rumors, as it certainly wound up being the other way around.

Then, Lynn and her family came over for dinner, and we had a lovely time.  I guess it helped ease the knowledge that Drew was missing the evening.

Still don’t know how I feel about this!

Subject * Notes
Social Studies+    
The “Arts”    
PE  *  swimming / basketball
Socialization  *  time with friends
Life Skills    


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