Just some homeschool thoughts

I was recently asked by a friend when my official start day is for the year.

Ha!  Like I’ll be ready for that. . .ever!

Reason #14 why we homeschool year-round (so I don’t have to come up with official dates).

Actually, I don’t know that it is reason # 14, I just threw some random number out there to look like I have actually “reasoned” out why we homeschool year-round.

Yesterday I mentioned that something happened at church that I want to talk about.

Yesterday was “advancement Sunday” at church.  This is where they recognize all the kids who are graduating from one sunday school class to another.  Thus, Drew was called out and had to stand. . .and so was Garrett. . .

Except Garrett is not supposed to be advancing.  He has another year in his class.

So, I went to talk to the Sunday school supervisor and she realized that she hadn’t been paying attention to his birthday when she “advanced” him.  Thus, I corrected that bit of information.

Except Garrett was right there, and he says he wants to move up.  He’s excited, filled with glee.

And the supervisor asks him if he wants to try it.  To which he responds with a resounding “yes”.

Yet, I am standing right there saying, “No”.  Not shaking my head or making hand signals or giving my child the stink-eye to convince him to say “no”.  Nothing that subtle.  I am standing right there, looking her in the eye and saying, “No”.

Honestly, how much clearer can you be???

They advanced him.

Thus, I was “saddled” when on the way home I discovered that he had been placed in the upper class.

And, I was burdened to be the one to tell him that he absolutely, positively could not be advanced, and that I would have to straighten this out.

He went into tears, and begged to know why it was that he could not advance.

I had to be the one that told him that not only was he technically not in the right grade to be advanced, but (with great shame) I had to inform him that he simply couldn’t read well enough to be in that class.

It was with great shame and humiliation that he took that information too.  (alligator tears)  And, in shame, the entire van full of MY FAMILY went home from church and sulked the rest of the day.

I felt it all day.  A burden, a pain, a worry, a concern.

  • Am I doing the right thing homeschooling them? 
  • Can I do it well enough? 
  • Am I failing them by trying?

These are questions that I actually ask myself nearly daily, but I try to find one thing every day that I did “right”.

One thing. . . Is that enough?

And this is how I begin this week.  . . which suddenly does not look like it will be the week that we “officially” start school.


2 comments on “Just some homeschool thoughts

  1. se7en says:

    Oh miserable day… the trouble with homeschooling is that we do really know our kids best… if your kids weren’t homeschooled then you wouldn’t know where he was at or what he was ready for. Right now I am dealing with a guy that has lingered with his school so much and fallen so far behind and he wanted to do something new and he was shocked to discover that his tardiness meant that there he just wasn’t up to speed he just wouldn’t have the time. Shocker!!! Real life consequence… I am glad he discovered it now rather than later though…. And everyday I am thinking: if he was in school they would never let him get behind!!! (no with 45 kids in the class he wouldn’t get behind and sneak under the radar at all!!!)

  2. Anonymous says:

    my heart bleeds with you!

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